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BioAfrica has a new Secure Login Site

If this icon is green, this page is secure Install Certification Authority

BioAfrica recently upgraded it's server to include secure pages. This page is not on the secure site as can be seen by the image above on the left (the padlock is unlocked and says 'Not Valid Not Secure') You can also check the site url starts with 'http'

Our New Secure Server uses SSL Encryption to ensure that any data sent to BioAfrica is Encrypted and Secure

If you haven't used our Secure site before please click on Install Certification Authority here or above before proceeding. This needs to be done as automatic recognition of the Certificate Authority is not available in most Browsers until next upgrade. StartCom have issued nearly a million Certificates and are a Microsoft Verified Certificate Authority.

You only need to do this once

Clicking on the image to the right (StartCom SSL SECURED) will show you BioAfrica's Certificate Details. If a browser warning message appears that you have chosen not to trust the certificate when you click on the Login Link below, check the certificate matches and choose 'trust certificate' .

Login to Secure Site

If you are not a member but are curious as to what BioAfrica offer their members proceed and you will be given a demo password

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