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BioHoney is an amalgamation of two entities in 2002 - Namely “Steph’s Honey” founded by Steph Hartung in 1988 and “Lesotho Bee Products Company” started by Nathan Emery in 1989. With over 30 years experience on four continents in the field of beekeeping, BioHoney has proven time and again to be more than the usual generalized consulting firm. Our goal is to maximize production and profit for our clients by using existing indigenous materials, technological innovations and resources.

BioHoney specializes in innovative and appropriate skills transfer, production systems, commercialisation and colony multiplication, hardware applications, pollination, integrated disease and pest management, small, medium and large processing and packaging technology, value addition, market access and analysis and business plan development, project design, monitoring and evaluation.

We have worked in over 15 countries on four continents including the United States, Germany, Cyprus, Ukraine, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Angola, Nigeria and Ghana and soon Chad.

We have worked with the following organisations:

USAID, ACDI/VOCA, Winrock, CNFA, OICI, ECI-Africa, Ministry of Agricultures for Lesotho,Nigeria, India, DFID, Irish Aid, FAO, IFAD,UNDP,World Bank, Uttaranchal Organic Commodities Board, Himachal Pradesh University, Lesotho Agriculture College,Amhadu Bello University, Hives Save Lives Africa, Send-A-Cow, Heifer International, Land-o-Lakes, Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with Lesotho Highlands Development Project, Shell Petroleum Development Corporation, Chevron, and Exxon.


Not only do we consult on beekeeping projects around the world in what is generally a very theoretical environment, BioHoney also keeps a migratory commercial apiary of over 600 hives producing over 18 tons of honey per year in South Africa. This allows us to continually keep our practical applications fresh as we assist the world with its apiary needs.

Each region of the world is unique in regards to potential for production, value-addition and market. BioHoney is well placed, through experience at all levels of the value-chain and the successful running of our own apiaries through the years, to assess the potential for profitable beekeeping anywhere in the world.

BioAfrica has worked with most commercial bees in the world and has developed innovative solutions for the forgotten or lesser known sub-species such as Apis cerana and Apis dorsata on the Indian Sub-Continent.


With experience working for International Agencies, Governments, Non-Governmental NGO's, Farmers Cooperatives, Corporate Social Investment Schemes, and Private entrepreneurs across the value chain, BioHoney is the solution maker for beekeeping in the World.

Please feel free to contact us for any information or special consideration. BioHoney is constantly on the move but will make time, consideration and care for any new project willing to encompass our philosophy of full measures for success.

Considerations – How Beekeeping Projects Succeed

Beekeeping projects are great income generators for a cross-section of society; from landless peoples to shiftless youth to elderly community members and excess agriculture Labour. The main ingredients for success are appropriate technology transfer in skills and hardware, which can be easily and affordably replicable, entrepreneurship, abundant forage and a complete and realistic plan for the value chain.


Too often in development projects aimed at poor communities, the onus of comprehension and entrepreneurship resides with the technical trainer, who often lacks the skills in both respects. Any project where the end product must be sold in order to generate income,:as opposed to receive a salary, needs both an entrepreneurial integration and the will to persist with this venture.

How many consultants and project managers have you dealt with in the past that have practical profit making experience in the technical field they are imparting to beneficiaries to take up and make profitable. The answer is clear for most.

BioHoney is privileged to have run successful beekeeping operations as well as other agriculture ventures. BioHoney has done numerous nectar surveys around the world using indigenous knowledge to tailor management schedules to local floral seasons and conditions.

Any beekeeping project consists of capital outlay, recurrent costs, production, harvesting, transport, processing, packaging and marketing. Whether it is the smallest, community oriented project or a large migratory, nationwide undertaking for pollination; the basic value chain remains the same, only the scale is considered. BioHoney has worked with all facets of the value chain and specializes in consolidating this value chain in order to assess if a project has potential or not.


Our skills in Participatory Rural Appraisal concentrating on project acceptance and gauging leadership and entrepreneurial spirit greatly increase the success of a project.

Finally, our attention to detail and planning with comprehensive business plans, locally trained extension with performance injected incentive and various appropriate and indigenous support structures on the non-obtrusive periphery and complete translated documentation give us the distinct edge over the usual half-measures taken in regards to beekeeping projects.

Beekeeping projects are high profile and valuable in any Non-Wood Forest Product system or diversification project for increased food security as well as integrated national plans for crop productivity and commercial interests due to good forage, large market and excess of agriculture labour. The key is to look, albeit on a triple bottom line approach, for profitability which equals sustainability, BioHoney has that key.


How do I become a BioHoney client... ?

Where can I find information ... ?

Why should I become a BioHoney Client ... ?

What are the advantages of beekeeping projects... ?

When is the right time to consult with BioHoney... ?

Bee Queen

How do I become a BioHoney client... ?

BioHoney is a mover and shaker in the world of beekeeping; we are always on the go. BioHoney is co-managed by Nathan Emery consulting on site all the world over and Steph Hartung managing the “home” apiary.

Luckily, with a solid core team of sub-contractors, selectively picked over the years from around the world, and a hard working directorship, we are always available to professionally and efficiently service our clientele.

  1. The first step is to contact us either through E-mail or telephonically, the address and numbers are available on this site.
  2. Secondly, a prospective client should have a summary of the idea or work to be carried out, presenting this to BioHoney to assess and provide feedback within 72 hours of receiving the request. BioHoney will provide in its assessment the Scope of Work, a Log Frame, preliminary business plan and contractual letter of agreement for both parties to peruse before contractual agreements commence.
  3. Once these preliminaries have been undertaken, the onus is again on the prospective client to draw their own agreements and Terms of Reference in which, once all parties are cognizant and assured of the task at hand and the agreements made, work will commence.

Where can I find information ... ?

Various examples and reports are available on this site to show in detail our on-going commitment to the valuable art of making honey and by-products and pollinating crops.

Why should I become a BioHoney Client ... ?

Bee Check

BioHoney provides a professional and innovative face to tried and true beekeeping projects for commercialisation, income generation and poverty relief. Most agencies working in this genre are either theoretical marketing / monitoring and evaluation companies or follow the “small is good”, rehashing companies from yesteryear.

BioHoney is an industry innovator, we look at the whole value chain, cost effectiveness, multi-lateral tailoring for project bolstering, and first and fore most, the market; whether it be for the sale and/or production of queens and packaged bees or value added components or local, regional or international markets for honey. We tailor the vision to fit local possibilities.

What are the advantages of beekeeping projects... ?

Beekeeping is an activity that anyone can undertake as it requires minimal or no land, requiring only small investment in real terms - for risk aversive farmers, takes minimal time and effort in a season, therefore allowing for normal work-a-day activities to carry on and provides high returns to the beekeeper.

  • Honey is a commodity that can be traded internationally as well as locally or regionally without special consideration as to storage or loss.
  • Honey is a high value product with a stable and lucrative supply versus demand economy. Honey is portable.
  • Honey and its by-products have many healthy benefits for the consumer and are lucrative trade commodities in value addition form.
  • Bees pollinate the indigenous flora, adding value to wild harvested fruits, nuts and economic trees and plants as well as 1/3rd to any food production through targeted pollination.
  • Honey is a valuable non-wood forest product thus contributing to the preservation of forests around the world.
  • Beekeeping projects can be linked with many other production projects to bolster participant numbers and income generation. E.g. bees on essential oils crops that yield a premium like marjoram honey.

When is the right time to consult with BioHoney... ?

Now! There is no obligation in enquiring about our services.

  • BioHoney charges reasonable service fees and can assist in tailoring any project to our clients' requirements.
  • BioHoney believe projects should be self-sustaining and thus work hard to transfer technology and ideas within the shortest time possible in a professional and target driven manner.
  • Geographical advantage- Perhaps one of our core affiliates resides in the same region as your proposed or on-going project or concern, thus making the actual service costs much less, find out today!

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