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Why Organic?

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We at BioAfrica believe that "Sharing is Caring" we all share this planet therefore we all are duty bound to care for it.

People or consumers buy products they want, their choice determines quality and price; this collective choice is called "The Market". Over the last 40 years people wanted agricultural products with a high visual appeal, big full cabbages & orange long carrots- not one bite from a bug, nor a blemish caused by a fungus or virus. This unnatural demand forced farmers to poison their fields and our water, non compliance resulted in being forced out of the market.

Recently these same people or consumers - "The Market" realised the damage their choice caused to the environment and demanded healthier and more “organic” produce.

Organic farming is a natural way of farming, the abuse of poisons and chemicals that lead to allergies and discomfort many people experience can be stopped.

BioAfrica choose its contract farmers and their lands carefully and methodically.

  • Fields in the Karoo are unpolluted and free of heavy metals
  • Fields are irrigated by crystal clear water from the Orange River.
  • Natural soil preparation only zero till.
  • Planting by quad bike min soil compaction and 90% less fuels used per ha
  • Increase soil fertility by compost creating a living growth medium for plants
  • Natural seed production ensuring highest quality extract
  • Use of straw and other renewable biomass for extraction energy.

We believe, we do our part to trap as much CO2 as possible, to work in balance with Mother Nature. By “growing our soils” and adding organic material or compost - we are growing our future and providing our customers with a healthy and nutritious natural product.

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