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This site respects your privacy. When you come to our site, we only use the data gathered by our web server logs to improve our site and we do not store it with information that could be used to identify you.

Enquiries and Complaints

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to:

Contact Us

We will make every effort to ensure we respond promptly to your enquiry.

What We Collect and Why

When you browse through our site we collect:

  • the basic information about your computer and connection to make sure that we can get you the proper information and for security purposes.
  • aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit to improve our site.

Use of Cookies

Our site is hosted on a hardware load-balanced web server farm which may issue you with a non-persistent, or 'session' cookie, for the purposes of managing state between page views. No other data is collected or stored within this cookie which will expire when you close your browser.

Data Retention

We securely retain (offline) our log files for the lifetime of this site in order to facilitate historical trend and usage analysis


This site supports the W3C's P3Pinitiative, and complies with the current recommendation.

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