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Farmers often ask why essential oil seed is so expensive.

The reasons are quite clear; you will not use a mule to enter a horse race and expect to win? You use a thorough bred race horse with the right genetic material?

We, at BioAfrica have spent years breeding and sourcing the right genetic stock for our buyers and farmers. BioAfrica is a registered importer of seed and breeds its own varieties of essential oils bearing plants too.

The single most expensive agricultural cost is the seed. The essential oils are sold according to their chemical component content, if these are not in market specification then these oils and extracts are not able to be sold.

Bio Seed

In fact the single most common cause of ‘bad’ oil is the genetic stock of the crop not containing the correct combination of components.

Other factors have an influence too but these are not as important as the genetic stock. Factors like:

Location of site:

  1. Soil type and condition; pH; mineral and salt content; organic material etc
  2. Water quality and availability; TDS and EC as well as mineral content
  3. Altitude, and direction and north or south facing
Bio Seed

Management factors:

  1. Planting time
  2. Irrigation frequency
  3. Harvesting time
  4. General weather, frost or heat wave
  5. Extraction oil storage

BioAfrica does generally not sell seed as the genetic material is owned by the company. Should farmers however wish to purchase seed please contact us.

Remember: Seed, is the single most important factor determining quality for essential oils.

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