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Why invest in a BioStill

BioAfrica has built over 240 Biostills for our happy customers

It is interesting to see that most people wishing to buy their new essential oils distillation equipment, often consult engineers or manufacturers of stainless steel tanks or boilermakers and steam supply companies. Surely it would be wiser to purchase essential oil extraction equipment from companies that produce essential oils in large volumes? BioAfrica experienced this first hand, and this cost BioAfrica a small fortune. In this case we learned that most engineers are very knowledgeable in the theory of distillation and that the steam distillation process is very simple to understand. Basically plant matter is placed in a sealed retort, then steamed for a number of hours, producing hydrolyte and essential oils. This is precisely the problem BioAfrica faced: none of the engineers had actually distilled essential oils in large volumes. Their core business is to produce and sell equipment not distil essential oils. Consequently every machine BioAfrica ever bought from very reputable companies is now standing in our museum or the scrap heap.

Have a look below at our quick introduction to some of our range with old pictures from the past. Look at our Extraction Equipment section for prices and our new shiny machines!

BioAfrica's Extraction Experience

Over the last 22 years BioAfrica has extracted more than 260 000 tons of plant matter. This taught us that every step of the distillation process is vitally important including the following steps: harvesting, how to store fresh plant matter, how to generate steam, and the optimal time each different plant type is distilled. Cost is the most important consideration; most people think that a 'cheap big pot' is a bargain, often forgetting that steam generation is the single most expensive cost factor of essential oil production. This consumes profits. Investing in an energy efficient BioStill distillation system not only leads to the responsible control of greenhouse gases mostly CO2 but also ensures that the farmers are around for many seasons. BioStill systems are designed for maximum efficiency thereby the volume of essential oils bearing plant matter in the pot delivers the same amount of steam energy when burned in the BioMass steamgenerator. Making it carbon neutral, as the plants grow this year are distilled this year and are burned in the boiler this year and regrow next year....


BioStill2000 work

BioAfrica builds all distillation and extraction equipment in our own factory. BioAfrica has equipped a full workshop consisting of benders, rollers, lathes and 25mm plasma and laser cutters for professional workmanship.

Our qualified workmen weld high grade 314 and 306 stainless steel with our argon Tig and Mig CO2 welders. BioAfrica's light weight mobile extraction equipment manufactured from H4 aluminium is welded by our AC Aluminium welder. All distillation equipment is independently pressure tested for maximum safety and reliability.

BioAfrica is a craft workshop offering a unique manufacturing solution for each unit specifically for the clients exact needs and fit to the clients existing buildings.

We are able to offer our clients a range of options. From aluminium or stainless steel trailers to harvester or any other equipment required by our clients.

BioBoiler work

The BioAfrica list of products includes:

  • Steam generators and Boilers are coal, wood or biomass fired.
  • Extraction and distillation equipment
  • Oil separators
  • Ethanol or solvent distillation equipment for CBD from 1 to 5 tons
  • Stainless Steel Honey processing equipment

BioAfrica's BioStills

Have a look below at our quick introduction to some of our range with old pictures from the past. Look at our Extraction Equipment section for prices and our new shiny machines

The BioStill50


It is extremely difficult to guess exactly when the essential oil bearing plants yield the right quality and quantity of essential oil. To overcome this 'guessing game' a small 50 litre volume distillation pot was manufactured. The Option of Electric single phase or Biomass or LP gas fired steam generators is available for the clients specific needs

The BioStill50 only needs 40 litres of water for the cooling or condensing of steam to hydrolyte. The BioStill50 will yield small samples of essential oils, enough for most buyers to determine quality. It also determines the exact amount of essential oils in the plant matter for an accurate harvest forecast. With an average distillation time of about 2.3 hours, the still is easy to operate and is cleaned in a matter of minutes.

The BioStill50 is made from Stainless steel.

It Includes:

  • 50l retort with lid
  • Condenser and pump
  • Oil separator
  • Steam generator of your choice

The BioStill200


The BioStill200 is ideal for the small beginner sized essential oil farmer who has up to 1 ha of essential oil bearing crops; it is perfect for; lavender, rosemary, thyme, rose geranium, spearmint etc. The BioStill200 can distil up to 1 metric ton of plant matter a day. It is easy to operate and discharging the spent plant matter takes only a few minutes.

BioAfrica has used one such unit for almost 30 years - in fact this unit has produced many hundreds of thousands of Rands of good essential oils for a very low investment. Its small size allows for easy transportation and thus is more economical.

The BioStill200 is made from Stainless steel.

It Includes:

  • 200l retort with lid
  • Condenser and pump with water cooler
  • Oil separator
  • Biomass Steam generator

The BioStill500


The BioStill500 is ideal for 2-7 ha of essential oils bearing plant matter. It is affordable and easy to transport from site to site, can be trailer mounted for moving to smallholder outgrowers. The other real advantage is that BioStill500 is perfect for sustainable wild harvested crops.

The BioStill500 is the BioStill retort with condenser, separator and BioMass steam generator with pumps and fittings.

It Includes:

  • 500Liter BioStill500 pot or retort
  • Condenser and separator
  • Oil separator
  • BioSteam with a capacity to deliver 80kg of steam per hour
  • Pumps and fittings

The BioStill2000


When the serious essential oils farmers have reached the 5 to 15 ha capacity the BioStill2000 becomes indispensable to generate profit.
Designed for the larger volumes of plant matter of more than 20 t per ha. Suitable for the leafy lavender, rosemary, thyme, rose geranium, spearmint, Eucalyptus and Tea tree varieties. But not limited to these.

One such unit has been extensively used for the past 30 years with total satisfaction. 50% of the essential oil quality is determined by a combination of correct genetic variety of essential oil bearing plant matter and good plant husbandry but the other 50% is no mystery but the efficient distillation of ripe plant matter and the scientifically researched and proven BioStill2000 design.

This unit is affordable and like a lego set. Start with one BioStill2000 Pot and in no time buy pot no 2 and no 3. The farmer can operate up to 4 BioStill pots with one BioSteam generator.

The BioStill2000 is made from Stainless steel including condenser and separator.

It Includes:

  • 1300l retort with lid
  • Condenser and pump with water cooler
  • Oil separator
  • BioMass steam generator or optional Electric boiler

Optional Extras for all BioStills

  • Feeding conveyor Belt for loading plant matter
  • A special BioAfrica Chipper to increa plant matter in the Pot
  • Commissioning on site
  • Trailer mounting
  • Cooling Tower for cooling of condenser water
  • Training

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