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BioAfrica is a market leader in the production of organic essential oils. From planting of BioAfrica's own seed throughout the growing and harvesting process and on to the eventual distillation into essential oils, BioAfrica produces first class products used in its own cosmetic range from pimple creams to sun creams. BioAfrica's essential oils are used worldwide in various ways, as pharmaceuticals such as ingredients for anti-malaria treatment to sun-block, BioAfrica's oils and team of organic contract farmers contribute to making the world a better more organic place.

BioAfrica encompasses the entire sphere of essential oil production. This includes research into the fundamentals of production such as seed pollination to growing techniques, research into the bees that pollinate the crops, the creation of new distillation equipment, and also new products from the oils themselves. From this research, BioAfrica can give unique insights and support to the many Farmers that grow under the BioAfrica Contract Farming System.

BioAfrica is expanding its Sales Team

Essential OilsThe BioAfrica contract growing system provides essential oils and plant extracts to different markets from perfume to soft drinks. BioAfrica offers these quality oils to buyers and consumers we offer a list of oils, from Chamomile to Yarrow. BioAfrica stringently uses only Carbon Dioxide Neutral extraction and is not reliant on Fossil fuels or the electricity grid.

Creams and Products View BioAfrica's new range of products developed in response to market demand BioAfrica began producing and supplying a range of natural sun creams (SPF40), pimple & acne gel, Lengana sinus & cold/flu inhaler, and a lip balm.A tissue & stretch mark oil. Cellulite and Boob firming creams.

Bees and Beekeeping Under Nathan Emery’s dedicated leadership the Beekeeping development and consulting Division offers many creative solutions to various poverty affected countries. Publications and training manuals are available for sale Honey from our own BioAfrica apiary is available too. Currently research for a revolutionary comb honey production system is in its final stages

Bee Removal Johannesburg For all Johannesburg bee removals for R1000.00 visit our sister site Bee Removal Expert where our expert bee removal team can help with all bee removal Gauteng services

Become a BioAfrica Farmer Join the many farmers who are producing essential oil bearing crops through the BioAfrica contract growing system. Working with farmers BioAfrica provides planters, harvesters and essential oil extraction equipment. BioAfrica farmers harvest 2-3 times per year allowing for much better cash flows and income per ha than other conventional crops.

Become a BioAfrica Sales AgentSelling and distributing BioAfrica's Cosmetic range is becoming a good income generating activity for full or part time people in all parts of Southern Africa. BioAfrica is now selling its products in Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe and many other countries
Join us now and start earning just like all our agents

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