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How do I become a BioAfrica farmer... ?

  • By Contacting BioAfrica via email or phone +27 736395576
  • Make an appointment by calling BioAfrica
  • Contact Us

Where can I find information... ?

  • Study this web site
  • contact BioAfrica directly By telephone or fax

Why should I become a BioAfrica farmer.. ?

  • you should make more money per Ha even up to R 20 000 net per annum
  • some crops are only planted once every seven years
  • less labour than vegetables
  • more options than maize, wheat and sunflower
  • better control over market
  • harvest twice a year, i.e. better cash flow
  • Sharing of resources
  • Trained BioAfrica personnel for all processes involved
  • Access to reliable, factual information
  • we keep you updated on what goes on in the market so you don't over produce and thus loose a lot of money
  • high volume harvested plant matter and low volume extract, i.e. cheap transport costs and the product that can be stored (by BioAfrica) if the market price drops.

What are the advantages of contract farming... ?

  • Sharing of resources e.g. BioAfrica own fine seed planters and extraction equipment
  • Trained personnel for all processes involved
  • Easier access to information
  • you can influence the market by combining the oils in large quantities
  • You receive advice and mentoring from BioAfrica
  • You can count on us
  • We monitor your progress
  • You are not alone
  • BioAfrica possesses the skills and knowledge relating to the obtaining and planting of plants containing essential oils and plant extracts as well as the harvesting and processing thereof and the extraction of the essential oils from such plant material
  • Income is Split 70% for the farmers & 30% for BioAfrica

When is the right time to become a BioAfrica farmer ?

  • Only a certain amount of Ha can be planted for a specific crop, otherwise an excess is produced which can devalue existing crops.
  • If the quota is full, you may have lost out until the next planting schedule

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