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BioHoney specializes in innovative and appropriate skills transfer, production systems, commercialisation and colony multiplication, hardware applications, pollination, integrated disease and pest management, small, medium and large processing and packaging technology, value addition, market access and analysis and business plan development, project design, monitoring and evaluation. We have worked in over 15 countries on four continents including the United States, Germany, Cyprus, Ukraine, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Angola, Nigeria and Ghana and soon Chad.

Not only do we consult on beekeeping projects around the world in what is generally a very theoretical environment, BioHoney also keeps a migratory commercial apiary of over 600 hives producing over 36 tons of honey per year in South Africa. This allows us to continually keep our practical applications fresh as we assist the world with its apiary needs.



Beehives BioBeesThe 600 bee hives owned and managed by BioAfrica produce about 18 tons of honey per year. This natural quality honey is cold extracted, bottled and sold in 500gr bottles to various supermarkets and health shops as well as by our BioAgents. Our 30 Beekeepers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds (BioBeekeepers) are guided and advised by Steph Hartung. This is a further job creation as the beekeepers are trained and managed by BioAfrica.


Bee Consultation

With over 30 years experience on four continents in the field of beekeeping, BioHoney has proven time and again to be more than the usual generalized consulting firm. Our goal is to maximize production and profit for our clients by using existing indigenous materials, technological innovations and resources.

Bee Suits

Beekeeping Equipment

BioAfrica is currently expanding it's range - check back soon for updates and our new range of beekeeping equipment


Steph's Honey and Honey Bee Swarm problems

View our range of honey sold under the “Steph’s Honey” label. Propolis and wax candles are also available.

IF you have a beehive, Honey Bee or swarm problem in your garden, roof, floor or in your electric or water meter box -we will do swarm removals. BioAfrica covers the Johannesburg, Gauteng areas at a cost of R 650 per beehive removed contact us for more details or call 0736395576 all hours. View our removals section for more.

Bee Publications

We are currently in the process of creating an online pdf download of our many publications contact us for more information"

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