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How to become a BioFarmer

BioAfrica possess the skills and knowledge relating to the obtaining and planting of plants containing essential oils as well as the harvesting and processing thereof and the extraction of the essential oils from such plant material. BioAfrica has the market for essential oils but does not possess sufficient land to produce the number of plants containing essential oils to produce the volumes of essential oils needed by the market. Thus, farmers and Communities with sufficient land and if desirous to allow BioAfrica to utilise such land to grow enough plants or sustainable wild harvest medicinal plants, they can harvest and produce sufficient quantities of essential oil to meet the demand of the market.

What criteria are needed to become a BioAfrica farmer?

  • Land under irrigation , at least 10 Ha , preferably a centre pivot
  • Enough water as allocated by legal government requirements
  • Own or have access to tractors and implements
  • Input costs i.e. the cash to pay per ha for essential oil crops planted. input costs vary but average about R12000 per ha
  • Honest, sober Dynamic in character
  • Enthusiastic willing co workers

If you fulfil these basic criteria then you could become part of the fast growing essential oils market

BioAfrica's 4 steps to success

Step 1

Browse our website, particularly the Contract Growing System, and familiarise yourself with our Plant Profiles then our section on Growing Essential Oils, finally look at our Terms and Conditions.

Step 2

Contact BioAfrica Now, BioAfrica will email or fax you a detailed GEO "Growing Essential Oils" plan that will explain the process in full and this includes quotations.

Important note: The more information you provide the more detailed and accurate your quote can be: so please include as much information as possible about yourself and your farm, e.g. soil types, location, water sources, previous crops planted, any other important information that you feel will be needed. IF you are a first time farmer needing to buy a farm then please state this too.

Step 3

Farmers now have the option to apply for funding From BioAfrica provided that the following criteria are met:

  1. The Farmer must be Credit worthy
  2. Farmers supply 3 month bank statements
  3. Farmers send a copy of ID
  4. Farmers have signed BioAfrica contract
  5. Farmers take a life insurance cover for the duration of the loan.

The loans are available for a 5 year period, 2 installments per year linked to the harvests, Interest is at 14%. R25 000 per ha with a min of 10 ha.

Step 4

As soon as these conditions are met and a Contract Growing Agreement signed, BioAfrica makes appointments for planting

Congratulations You are now a BioAfrica Farmer

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