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The demands for BioAfrica’s product are growing at an unexpected rate and to safeguard supply expansion is needed, an amount of US$ 1,800,000.00 will be invested to plant a further 450 ha of essential oils bearing crops.

In order to raise the US$ 1,800,000.00 BioAfrica offers to sell 4500 litres of Essential Oils at US$ 400.00 each.

Emerging farmers, and to a lesser extent, established farmers, often experience financial difficulties with the initial investment requirements of planting a high value cash crop.

For a typical essential oils crop the initial cost of planting and maintaining this crop through the important first two years is roughly equivalent to the value of 10 litres of oil produced. This constitutes approximately one quarter of the expected yield of a 1 hectare field.

BioAfrica continues to use its resources secure financial investment in an ethical manner, providing security for both investor and farmer, without handouts or donations.

BioAfrica intends then in this manner to sell a small quantity of oils to investors, guaranteeing to buy back this oil over a period of two years at a pre-established price securing a 7% return on investment.

Investments need not be big. An amount of $ 400.00 will buy one litre of oil. The minimum amount that can be bought is 1 litre but investors can buy as much, or as little as they are comfortable with. BioAfrica’s buyback price will be $ 443.77 per litre once the oil is produced. The $ 443.77 is paid in 3 installments, the first installment is $147.77 @ 12 months the second $ 147.77 @ 18 months and the final installment of $ 147.77 at 24months.

The essential oil market is fairly stable and growing faster than oils can be produced therefore no price shocks are foreseen.
A limited total of 4500 litres of oil are available for forward sale.

For a full pdf prospectors and further information please Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you.

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